Eyes in Every Corner

Who watches the watchers?

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Derived from the French word “surveiller,” meaning “to keep watch” or “to watch over,” surveillance has been used to police borders, to assist war-time reconnaissance, to gain advantage over political enemies, or simply to gather information. By 2021, China is expected to rise to more than 560 million cameras, representing the largest share of surveillance devices installed globally, with the US rising to around 85 million cameras.
Eyes in Every Corner is a hypothetical exhibition that confronts the issue of Chinese mass surveillance and its implications head-on. 

The prevalence of surveillance in China is severe. With the internet as a permanent record keeper of data, I looked into how people’s faces, movements, and locations are permanently recorded online. On one side of the card is a snapshot of how street mapping technologies have photographed individuals, and on the reverse is a link in which that image is accessed online.

Exhibition artifacts include conversation cards that touch on topics like surveillance/security.

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