Glenstone Museum 

How can a museum integrate space in its visual identity?

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Glenstone is a private contemporary art museum in Potomac, Maryland, 15 miles from downtown Washington, D.C. The museum's exhibitions are drawn from a collection of about 1,300 works from post–World War II artists around the world. Its largest expansion was opened to the public on October 4, 2018, with outdoor sculpture installations, landscaping, and the introduction of a new museum complex called the Pavilions designed by Thomas Phifer. The goal of the rebrand is to build a visual identity that integrates art and architecture into a recognizable and modern mark.

Mission Statement

Glenstone is a place that seamlessly integrates art, architecture, and nature into a serene and contemplative environment.

The Pavilions are clad with 25,000 concrete blocks in total, each individually poured to measure six-feet long by one-foot high and one-foot deep. They weigh several hundred pounds apiece and are dry stacked in a running bond pattern with meticulous 1/4-inch joints and precisely interwoven corners.

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