Iruai Natural Wines

What does Alpine wine look like in California? 

Identity System
Packaging Design
Started in 2013 by Chad and Michelle Westbrook Hinds, Iruai Winery (”ear-oo-eye”) operates from the mythical Shasta-Cascade Mountains of Siskiyou County. A unique wine region that feels like a cross between Switzerland’s dense alpine forests and Montana’s high mountain prairies, Iruai aims to produce wines that reflect the esoteric grape varieties that flourish in the Alps. 

This rebrand shepherds Iruai’s next evolution by emphasizing the commitment and devotion to the land and the natural winemaking processes where wines are naturally developed with nothing added and nothing taken away. 

Building out a system where future labels can be easily produced, 20th century botanical illustrations of the surrounding Shasta-Cascade region’s plants are used to highlight tasting notes within each wine variety and the importance of maintaining the natural terroir through Iruai’s permaculture and planting methods. 
Building on Iruai’s influence of mysticism and naturalism, the back label is designed like a tarot card, where a system of tarot symbols highlights each label’s unique characteristics.
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