Grasping For Air: The 2020 Experience

Why does an exhibition on 2020 looks like? 

Exhibition Design
Identity Design

2020 will always be remembered as a difficult year for many—the killing of George Floyd, the burning of California, and the worst pandemic the world has seen in more than a century has resulted in a time defined by loss.

Grasping for Air: The 2020 Experience is an exhibition on how the three themes of 2020—coronavirus, social justice, and climate change—relate to the concept of breath. The goal is to allow visitors to reflect on the difficulties of 2020 and their ability to overcome them.
Looking at the top three events in 2020: the Coronavirus, Black Lives Matter movement, and worldwide wildfires, the concept of breath can be related to these events through a scientific, social justice, and existential lens. 
The finalized logo emphasizes air as a particle through the intangible and ephemeral nature it occupies. 
The exhibition progresses from black to white with the three themes highlighted in red, yellow, and orange. 

Exhibition Layout

As the visitor progresses through the exhibition, the walls move from white to black, and the individual rooms get larger in space. 

Model Build

Gallery Images

Theme 1: Coronavirus

Rack card highlighting the effects of the 2020 wildfires on the world.
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